The One With All the Dresses

The One With All the Dresses


Hi, ya’ll! Yes, ya’ll. I’m from Alabama, where it’s hotter than a pepper sprout and bless our hearts. Life here is pretty simple, especially in my small town of Muscle Shoals (yes, the one in the song).  I never dreamt I would be writing a fashion blog but here I am, collaborating with my best friends.  It’s so exciting!  I’ve always loved fashion, and it’s no secret I love a good dress.  Oh? You didn’t know?  I love dresses. LOVE. THEM.  I own a few…hundred, including this versatile striped ponte dress. Long before this blog was conceived, it was a running joke amongst my friends.  I’d send them a selfie of my newest dress, and without fail my sarcastic, northern gal pals would be off and running with their banter.  When we came up with this idea, I just knew I’d be the dress girl. 

I’m a curvy girl with an hourglass shape.  I love my body, but growing up it was a struggle for me to find pants that fit properly.  They were always either too big in the waist or too tight in my thighs or in the booty.  It was frustrating at best, a disaster at worst.  Dresses have always been there for me- hugging me in the right places, celebrating the feminine curves that God gave me.  Throw it on, throw your worries out the door.  Naturally, they became my go-to and now, on any given day, you can find me rocking my dresses, and my confidence! I love dressing them down too- like this easy swing dress paired with the best $8 t-shirt.  

You may find yourself wondering as you scroll our instagram feed “Goodness, did Kristin really buy another dress?!” The answer is yes, #KBboughtanewdress.   I have learned how to branch out and dress my curves in pants and skirts (shop the chambray top and target clutch and sale earrings pictured above- sorry, the skirt is from a prior season), but there’s still nothing like rocking a great dress.




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