The One Where I Went to Target

The One Where I Went to Target

If you are a living, breathing female in America there is a 99.9% chance you have been sucked into the bright lights and red circles of Target.  Going into Target and NOT spending more than $100 should be award-worthy.  Heck, I cannot get past the Starbucks, so already I’ve spent like $22.  Those coffee jitters ain’t cheap, my friends.

Short sleeve blouse  Shoes- my current favorite pair!

I used to be a couponer.  No, I didn’t keep multiple bottles of ketchup hidden under my bed. I did, however, save an average of 50% on most of my Target trips (#likeaboss).  While I am not stock-piling as many practical products these days (though to me, graphic tees seem perfectly practical), I did learn to truly love Target as a place to get most all of the life things. I used to just shop in the Women’s section strictly for basic items.  Merona tanks and tees were my jam.  The summer dress selection also used to really speak to me.

Striped Ruffle Tee   Button-Fly Shorts 

More recently- think since my mom days- I have found that Target has truly upped their clothing game.  With revamping their Merona brand (now A New Day), and integrating their newest brand, Universal Thread, I have really found myself looking to Target for more than basic tanks, and now buy key wardrobe pieces.  Between their great prices, great quality, and frequent Cartwheel deals, it is hard to pass the clothing section without something jumping into my cart.

Now that they have added the Sugar Fix line to their accessory section (Bauble Bar company), my cart just seems to have a mind of its own.  Statement earrings jumping in e’ry-dang-where.  Lord knows I cannot pass up a good tassel earring.

Don’t even get me started on their shoes.  I would guesstimate that a good 75% of my summer shoes are from Tar-jay.  So where once upon a time I only bought tanks, I now buy an outfit complete with accessories without breaking the bank.  Trendy statement pieces from tops to handbags.  It truly is a time to be alive.

Love ya’ll more than Target.

(Okay, that might be a lie.)


Ruffle Gingham Cami
Tassel Earrings


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