The One Where We Meet Our Internet Friends

As a woman, finding friendship after college can be difficult.  After you join the ranks of mom, it gets even harder.  It often seems that the only thing you have in common with the women you meet is that you’re all moms.  You talk about your kids. Everyone commiserates over how little sleep they’re getting. You talk about the best pediatricians, child diets, and schedules.  The one thing you never seem to talk about is yourself! Before you know it, the person you were fades and you become so-and-so’s mom. We’ve all been referred to as such many times.  So where do young, hip moms meet equally fun friends to connect with?  You join playgroups, hit up the local playground, stroll your neighborhood and hope that you meet a fabulous mom with great style who loves coffee and cusses as much as you do.  Wouldn’t it be nice if there were millions of amazing, hilarious women in one place? Oh wait- there is.  Enter Facebook.Shop Kristin’s Look:  Skirt | Loft $40   Necklace | Stella and Dot $59   T-shirt | Loft $25   Block Heel Sandal | Target $24.99  Straw bag | Target $20

When we get together (along with a fourth bestie who wasn’t interested in blogging but is equally awesome, hey Kels!), we get a lot of questions about how we met.  The answer, which sometimes garners a confused look, is that we met on the internet!  It was a Facebook group for buying and selling children’s clothing, to be exact.  Trading our boys’ clothing evolved into real conversations where we talked about more than our kids for hours on end.  We did this every single day. These were the mom friendships we had all been looking for.  We talked like this for months before we decided to meet.  When we finally met “IRL,” it was like we had been old pals who hadn’t seen each other in a while.  As the saying goes, the rest is history.

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We are so lucky that we are the type of friends who are able to work together and remain productive, while also maintaining our friendship.  We encourage each other, we critique each other, we bounce ideas off one another, and, somehow, despite the miles between us, we work like a well oiled machine.  What makes Bestie Dressed a little bit different from other style blogs is that it is truly a collaboration between the three of us.  We decided that instead of each of us having a specific job, we’d each have a voice in all aspects of this project.  Our stories are all so different.  We each have a unique style, different body shapes, different backgrounds, and different budgets.  The goal at Bestie Dressed is to inspire the everyday woman to try on something new! We want our reader to step outside of her comfort zone, to rock her confidence, to treat herself to something she loves.  We want every woman to know how beautiful she is.

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Recently, we got together in Cincinnati to get this blog up and running.  Emily lives near Cincinnati, and it is a midpoint for Lauren in Pittsburgh and Kristin in Alabama.

We got dolled up at Alba Beauty Studio.  If you ever have a chance to go there, we highly recommend it.  I mean, just check out the pics above- they worked some magic, y’all. They use all natural products, which we love. The Cincy Style Bar was perfect for giving us amazing blowouts for our photoshoot later that afternoon. The ambiance couldn’t have been more inviting. They have an amazing mixed drinks menu that would satisfy any girls’ spa day thirst. All three of our stylists listened to what we wanted, made our hair dreams come true, AND showed US how to do it ourselves. We love supporting other businesses built and led by girlfriends (or in their case, sisters), and would love for you to drop by if you’re local. Tell them a bestie sent you!

We had an amazing photoshoot with Olivia Hatfield Photography.  We adore her style because she gives photographs that dreamy bright-and-airy look.  She also happens to be the cutest person on the planet.  While we mostly focused on blog work, we were sure to get in some quality girlfriend time.  We stayed at ALOFT on the Levee and enjoyed spacious rooms.  They have a great lounge, perfect for sipping Prosecco with your Besties. We ate at some amazing restaurants, and did some serious shopping.  We even tried on matching overalls!  It was the perfect working Bestie’s trip, and we’re so looking forward to our next trip together in July.

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for supporting us up to this point.  We are excited to bring you fresh content, new ideas, and the latest in affordable fashion.  We are excited to help you feel confident! And, if you ever connect with a woman who seems super cool on the internet- someone you who makes you think “if only we lived closer,” take the chance on that friendship.  We promise it will be worth it.


The Besties

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I LOVE THIS POST! I am a military wife so its hard to meet people especially with moving so often. I have met some of my close blogger FRIENDS on the internet. Im so glad that ya’ll found eachother! Love your blog


    So glad you enjoyed it! We are like sisters. Honestly don’t know how we’d do life without each other’s!!

Rachel Dellaposta

Love this!! I don’t even have mom friends, much less COOL mom friends! lol I’ve recently started revamping my blog and making some connections online, so it’s really nice to know those connections can blossom into real friendships.


    We highly recommend it!


Awwww I love this!! Finding friends (much less besties) as an adult is difficult so it’s amazing to hear stories like this. Great read!


    It is so hard! But they are much needed friendships!!


i Love this blog and collaborative idea! Congrats! Your out are beautiful. I cant wait to see more.


    Thanks so much for checking out our blog today!!

Nicole Green

Aww I loved hearing more about how you all became friends; so fun that you all are able to get together {and that you have another bestie that’s not involved with the blog!}


    I’m glad you enjoyed it!! Our other bestie is amazing and just had the sweetest little girl! Maybe one day she’ll let us feature her!!

Maya griffin

Yall are the cutest! Inividually unique, together complete for sure!

Maya griffin

Yall are so cute! InDividually unique, togEther complete for sure!


    Thank you so much!!


I feel like i am going through the Same thing right now! Espev being new to tHe area, its so haRd to meet people sometimes!


    You’ll meet some great friends! We moved recently and I love our neighborhood but it is hard to be the new gal!

JC Phelps

LOVE this post! Some of my best friends started from internet relationships!


    Thank you so much for the kind words! We’re so grateful that we found each other, no matter how that happened!


You are all so beautiful! Love your bright and colorful style <3

Xoxo // Hannah



    Well thank you! That’s so sweet 💕


This is so awesome! I love it!!!


    Thank you ❤️


I’m not a mom, but I met my best friend through facebook. It was a photographer/model/makeup artist group. it was back when i did photography and i was looking for models to collab with. a model messaged me and we started talking on facebook, before we decided to meet up for our photoshoot. we hit it off and the rest is history.


    That’s so great! Kind of the same thing here… just wish we all lived in the same zip code!


I love meeting internet frienfs! Some of mine have become some of my closest!


    That is so great!

Heather C. Watson

What a fun idea! and I’m DYING over that coral skirt!


    Thanks so much! Target never ceases to amaze us!


I think this is just the cutest concept and I cannot wait to keep up with you lovely ladies!


    Thanks girl!!