The One Where We Wore Plaid on Plaid

The One Where We Wore Plaid on Plaid

We like plaids and we cannot lie.  Some others may think that it is taboo to wear prints with prints, plaids with plaids, plaids with stripes, etc. I would whole-heartedly disagree.  If worn correctly- and with the utmost confidence- plaids can be worn together.  Pattern mixing is honestly one of my favorite fashion trends. Allow me to show you how.

Sandwich a solid with plaids-
Wearing a plaid button up, layered with a solid puffer vest, then topped with  plaid scarf is totally acceptable.  A key thing to consider is a similar color palette. Make sure that the scarf pulls from colors in the top.

Like this- In this example, the black solid tops allows a bit of a transition from pattern to pattern.  The black and white colors in both patterns are easy to mix with the extra colors in the scarf!

Stripes as a neutral-
In my mind, a skinny stripe is basically just a neutral.  Keeping this in mind, it can pair well with any plaid or print, acting as basically a solid top. Like this:

Small print paired with a large version of the same print-
The subtle and small houndstooth print in this top, is accentuated by the bigger and more vibrant houndstooth print in the scarf, thus they can be worn together.  Like this:

I should note that this post was inspired by my amazing photog, Leanne of Leanne Hunley Photography.  On more than one occasion she has said, “Okay, I totally wouldn’t think to put that together, but it looks SO good.”  So, hopefully this helped inspire you to try a different look or style! Are you more on the pattern mixing train now?!




  1. November 28, 2018 / 9:52 pm

    love the name of this article lol! but also love this style soo much, might have to start mixing up my patterns more often

  2. November 28, 2018 / 10:26 pm

    I love some pattern mixing! Too cute!

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