BD Weekly Top Five- The Best Sweatshirts, Swimsuits, Leggings and More

BD Weekly Top Five- The Best Sweatshirts, Swimsuits, Leggings and More

Back again for our weekly top five! These are five items that you- our followers- bought the most! It was a wide variety this week. From swimsuits to sweatshirts, and leggings to capes, shop them all- most are on sale!

1. Amazing dupes for a great price!

We know that you all love a good deal, so it comes as no surprise that these Steve Madden dupes (both under $20) were a top purchase. The wedges are in the running for most purchased item- not just a weekly top five!

Comfy casual sneakers at a great price
Can you tell which is Steve Madden and which is the dupe?
Payless designer dupe
Comfy and trendy wedge sneaker for a great price!

2. This flattering one-piece swimsuit

This swimsuit was a big purchase by you! Featuring length sizing options, This Aerie swimsuit offers a flattering fit for many body types. If a one piece swimsuit doesn’t work well for your body type, you can grab this same wrap top as a two piece and pair with a bottom of your choice.

You also purchased this J Crew swimsuit after I shared the sale color.

The most flattering one piece bathing suit
Such a flattering fit and style. Length options available!
Flattering on many body types!
So figure flattering!
petite style swimsuit
Wearing a size small
j crew swimsuit petite
Wearing a size 0

3. Our top-selling sweatshirts

Ya’ll can’t stop, won’t stop with your love of buying these super plush sweatshirts. With all under $35- some as low as $23- we can’t blame you. Two sweatshirt styles feature different weights, (and one features pockets!) but both feature an over-sized, super soft fit that will leave you wanting more. You will see why we sell so many of these sweatshirts weekly.

Aerie cozy and soft legging approved sweatshirts
Our best-selling sweatshirts!

4. Under $25 Buttery Soft Leggings

You don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for soft and comfortable leggings. These stay-in-place, super soft leggings is a BD favorite across the board. Wearing them as I type this, I can attest to just how soft and well-made they are for the price!

Aerie 7/8 length soft leggings
Buttery soft leggings in a true to size fit!

5. Cozy Versatile Cape

This was a random find during an unplanned try-on at Loft! It is 50% off and ya’ll went crazy for it! Check out the rest of my try-on here, featuring many 50% off styles. The yellow blouse was also a good-seller!

Cozy loft cape styled a few ways
This cape is so versatile to wear year round!

Thank you so much to our followers that style and shop with us! If you want to follow along with a more VIP experience, be sure to join our Facebook Group to stay up to date on the latest trends and deals!

Until next week!



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