Lash Extensions and Dermaplaning x The Lash Boutique Giveaway

Lash Extensions and Dermaplaning x The Lash Boutique Giveaway

If you are local to the Cincinnati or northern Kentucky area, there is a good chance you’ve heard of The Lash Boutique. Located in my old stomping grounds of Crescent Springs, it has been serving local clients since 2013. They have an amazing business model based around making women feel confident and beautiful by enhancing their natural beauty. This aligns perfectly with our mission at Bestie Dressed, so it was basically fate that we should work together. Check out our post below and enter the Bestie Dressed x The Lash Boutique giveaway!

The Lash Boutique Services

The cutest little high-end boutique.

The Lash Boutique is an upscale Eyelash Salon specializing in Eyelash Extensions, Airbrush Tanning, Microblading, Brow Sculpture, Skincare, and more! They also provide Glo Skin Beauty Cosmetics and Mad Hippie Skincare. The girl bosses who perform all of the services truly want women to experience the effortless beauty that makes them feel confident and glamorous every day.

Fabulous Full Set

As part of our collaboration, I was generously treated to a Fabulous Full Set by Jamie- the owner of The Lash Boutique. The Fabulous Full Set is their most popular look and service. It features a classic set of lashes that adds definition and enhances your lashes so they are longer, thicker, and more luscious than before. The most appealing part of this service is the effortless beauty they provide. NO MASCARA is needed which creates effortless glamour. For a momma of three boys that struggles to find the balance between getting both her kiddos and herself ready to get out the door, this was right up my alley.

The experience itself was so relaxing, and the environment was so welcoming. I completely felt at ease- like I was hanging with some girlfriends! I have super sensitive eyes, so I did experience some eye-watering throughout the hour and a half long process. This is completely normal, so don’t be hesitant to treat yourself to this experience if you have eye sensitivity. I basically wrote the tears off as being so overcome with emotions over my beautiful lashes.

Caring for Your Lashes

In order to achieve maximum glam status, make sure you care for your lashes by doing the following:

  • Keep extensions dry for the first 24 hours. Bummer, no gym -haha!
  • Do not pick or pull at them! Hands to yourself, ladies!
  • Brush and fluff your lashes each day!
  • keep them clean- do not use any oil based products, though!
  • Avoid sleeping face down. Satin pillowcases are the way to go.
  • Avoid heat like grilling and tanning beds (luckily they provide air brush tanning)
  • Stay up to date on your fill ins! Every 2-4 weeks is recommended!


As if I wasn’t spoiled enough by TBL the first time, I was invited back to experience my first dermaplaning facial with Rachel. She is basically a skin wizard who takes skin from drab to fab with the touch of a blade. If you are unfamiliar with dermplaning, it is a skincare treatment that removes dead skin cells and vellus hair, AKA peach fuzz. Removing that top layer of dry skin and hair let’s your skincare products penetrate deeper giving better results. They use a small, sterile blade while holding the skin taut, swiping gentle upward motions.

I woke up the next morning confident enough in my own skin to leave the house without any type of foundation. This hasn’t happened in a LONG time. My skin was soft and glowing- I was basically reborn.

Confession: I have tried to do this many times on my own, and it was NOTHING compared to the service I received. So, if like me you thought you could adequately do this yourself, trust me- you cannot. Let Rachel help you. You can thank me later.

Bestie Dressed x The Lash Boutique Giveaway

Now comes the fun part. The Lash Boutique and BestieDressed giveaway! If you have ever wanted to try either of these services for yourself, now is the time. Enter to win a Full Lash Set or Dermaplaning treatment over on our instagram feed! One winner will win a Full Lash Set service, and a second winner will win a Dermplaning service! Just follow us and The Lash Boutique on instagram, and tag a friend in the comments of the picture!

While I did receive services free of charge, the reviews and feelings expressed are my own.


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