This Week’s Top Five + An Honorable Mention

This Week’s Top Five + An Honorable Mention

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Hey gal pals! This week’s top five purchased items are a little bit out of the ordinary. Sure, you all scored some super cute Bestie Approved clothes and beauty products, but the real champions of this week’s top five were a $16 steamer and a travel make up case.

Before we get started- I like to start these posts with a quick word on how we determine what makes this list. We are affiliated with RewardStyle, . When we post links on the blog, on our Facebook Group, Instagram– anywhere really- we make a small commission if our readers, group members, and followers make a purchase. Obviously, this doesn’t cost you anything extra, but it helps us keep this good thing going. RewardStyle keeps track of link performance, so we only know what link was last used. We actually have no idea what you bought unless you tell us. For example, you might have clicked a link for jeans but ended up buying two dresses. On our end, we only know that the link for the jeans was what brought you to the retailer’s website. With that in mind, the Top Five is essentially based on link performance and direct feedback from you all.

LBADs: Little Black {Amazon} Dresses

Aside from the steamer and the make up bag, two of this week’s big sellers were from our Amazon hauls. These little black dress options are the spring refresh your closet needs at an affordable price- these are great for weddings, date nights, GNOs, MNOs, Bachelorette parties, hanging around your house while your kids drive you crazy and you reminisce about those days when you went to happy hour every Friday at 5:00 on the dot. That might have been way too specific. Anyway, you can shop them all right here. All of these LBDs are under $30, with most being right around $20.

This peplum top was a favorite from our last Amazon haul, and it’s making a second top five appearance on this week’s top five. It feels totally high-end, and you know we love a good peplum! Personally, I added another color to my closet this week! For $17 each, I recommend getting olive green, white, and the putty gray color.

The Nordstrom Spring Sale Item you Must Have

The Nordstrom Spring Sale is filled with great deals, but my favorite deal is on the 7/8 Zella Live In Leggings, which have been a long time staple in my closet. I love these leggings because they perform well as activewear, but look a lot like a regular legging that you would wear out and about. Basically, the fabric has more of a matte look which I really like! The best part is that they are on sale right now for 40% off, making it a great time to buy a pair to try, or maybe two if you’re already a believer.

Last but not least- the cutest $28 jumpsuit I ever did see

$28 Target jumpsuit comes in so many colors and is such a flattering fit on petite and curvy body types and everything in between!

Target did it again. This jumpsuit is absolutely adorable and also curvy gal friendly. Kristin is rocking the navy blue, and I’ll be sharing the pink later this week. The only question is which color to get (the answer, obviously, is all of them.) Target tends to have super fast shipping, so you can order this today and have it in time for Easter brunch on Sunday!

Honorable Mentions

I have to give an honorable mention to the cutest white jeans ever. I am mildly obsessed with the rose gold button fly. These were a huge hit with you all when we first shared them back in January, but momentum has picked up again as white jeans season is upon us. I’m about to bust a rhyme here- but they are WAY too nice for the price! Bonus, they are 40% off right now!

We like to end these posts by thanking our readers for supporting Bestie Dressed by shopping via our commissioned links. In addition, we really just enjoy building relationships with you all! Keep those DMs and Facebook comments and posts coming- we love answering questions and interacting with our tribe!



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