A Rematch of Rival Cities: Cincinnati Girls’ Weekend featuring a Yinzer

A Rematch of Rival Cities: Cincinnati Girls’ Weekend featuring a Yinzer

Here we go again. A Cincinnati girls weekend of photo shoots, great food, a little bit of wine, and another rivalry football game. If you recall, this same scenario played out not that long ago, with the same ending– A great photo shoot with Leanne Hunley Photography, great food with some of my favorite local spots (keep reading for more), a LOT of wine, and a Bengals loss. Just a typical Cincinnati girls weekend with these babes!

Two Days in Cincinnati: Where to Stay for the Big Game


We spent our Cincinnati girls weekend sleeping, creating content, drinking wine (see a theme?), and living our best kid-free lives at the aLOFT Hotel., conveniently located in Newport, KY. ALOFT is adjacent to Newport on the Levee, the center of all the best restaurants and bars that Newport has to offer. With a view of Paul Brown Stadium from the hotel, it was the perfect location for our football centered weekend.

Before we headed out for our evening (and upon our return, if we are being honest), we bellied up to the WXYZ Bar. We also relaxed next to their fire pit after a pretty heated game of Jenga.

Two Days in Cincinnati: Visit Pies and Pints at The Banks

The best in Cincinnati entertainment is just a hop, skip, and a jump away from Paul Brown Stadium. Whether it be a date night, girls’ night out, or a Bengals tailgate, the Banks offers a great variety of places to eat and drink. Obviously, it was the place to be for our Cincinnati girls weekend! Pies and Pints invited us in for dinner on Friday night. After a great glass of wine (see: theme) at Ruth Chris, we headed a few doors down to get our grub on!

Pies and Pints is just that- the best of pizza pies with a wide variety of craft beer. Whether you fancy an award-winning craft beer from afar, or a local sip such as Rhinegeist (still waiting on that sponsorship- cough, cough), there is something for every beer lover, and they even have an in-house root beer! You can also sip the night away on cocktails and wine; everything goes with pizza!

When we discussed the menu with Pies and Pints, we were so excited to get a taste of their featured pie, Spinach Artichoke. Get ready to be hungry: Spinach, artichokes, cream cheese, mayo, sour cream, and fresh garlic all top a blend of provolone and mozzarella cheeses on the house-made, hand-tossed dough. Finished with parmesan, fresh cracked pepper, and lemon zest, and voila! Magic! It is absolutely as good as it sounds. We were more than willing to take the rest home for a midnight snack! It was honestly one of the best pizzas I’ve ever had!

Prior to our pizza, we were treated to a delicious Greek salad! We were actually just reminiscing about this salad via text! [Pro tip: You can order a large size to share with the table.] Last but not least, the Char-grilled Hot Wings were easily Kristin’s favorite menu item! Luckily for Kristin, there are many Pies and Pints locations- including one in her home state of Alabama! See if there is a location near you! I already have a long list of pies to try- including the Street Corn and Grape and Gorgonzola.

Two Days in Cincinnati: Visit The Banks

For tailgating, we made sure to join in on the outdoor fun at The Banks. Their street festival is complete with beer vendors, live music, and likely three Steelers fans for every one Bengals fan. It’s funny because it’s true. We made a return visit to Taste of Belgium for a delicious, mimosa-filled brunch, followed by the street festival. No Banks trip is complete without a stop at Jefferson Social! Besides the Bengals’ loss, it was the perfect Sunday with my girls.

Two Days in Cincinnati: Visit an Old Favorite

When we were in the early stages of planning the Cincinnati girls weekend, Kristin had one request: head back to Nada! Once again, they were so accommodating.  They welcomed us in to try old favorites plus some new menu items, including featured cocktails!

The presentation of all items- Fresca Ahumad, Cerveza Paloma, Spicy Sabbatical  cocktail and the BD favorite steak fajitas- was colorful, appetizing, and delicious! Even after we were stuffed full of queso, fajitas, and chips, we still find ourselves dreaming of more Nada! Luckily for us dessert was on the menu- including the delicious Warm Chocolate Torte.  


Two Days in Cincinnati: Not Long Enough

I absolutely love having my best girls in town. It is so fun for me to explore delicious and fun new places with them. It is equally as great to show off and revisit some of my go-to locations. It’s always such a bummer when we have to drive away, but it makes planning our next visit so special. We want to thank all of those businesses that make our time together so delicious, fun, and special.


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