One Jumpsuit Styled Three Ways

One Jumpsuit Styled Three Ways

Yes- you read that correctly.  I styled a jumpsuit three ways.  You may be thinking to yourself- “Self, that seems really impossible. A jumpsuit is already an ‘outfit’.” I was feeling really uninspired for an upcoming shoot (read: tired AF from all of the pre-Christmas crazy), and I was about to give in to the lack of style I felt.  Then I saw this little cutie hanging in my closet.  To be honest, I forgot I owned it.  This became my new challenge.   Could I style this summery plain black jumpsuit three ways?!  Hold my wine…

Casual Stripes
This look is super easy. I honestly cannot believe I didn’t think of this before!  I love these tees, and right now they are on sale for $7! It pairs perfectly to give this an almost casual overalls type look.  I added our favorite distressed denim jacket (on sale for $30) for some additional textural layering.  Finished off the look with this leopard clutch for a mix of pattern.  Gotta keep things interesting, am I right?!



A Splash of Plaid
This plaid top has been a frequent go-to in my closet.  You may be sick of seeing it, but I think it is the perfect addition to a lot of key pieces for the holidays.  I mean, just look at how precious.  You could even add a plain white button up for a dressed up look paired with a statement necklace. Add some festive earrings for a pop of glam, and to again enhance the textural differences.


A Little Glitz and Glam
Not much can come between me and sequins- especially when they are rose gold.  Perfect for NYE, this adorable top pairs really well with the waistline of this jumpsuit.  Add the distressed denim jacket from the first look to make it more casual.  It also adds  (you guessed it) additional texture!  I added (GASP!) heels!  They are $25 and a great staple to have in my closet.  (If you are confused, I NEVER wear heels, so this is a big deal).

Did any of these looks inspire you to style some of your own pieces differently? Which look is your favorite?




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