A curvy gals guide to jeans.

A curvy gals guide to jeans.


Jeans. The thought of that word used to make me cringe. I hated going jeans shopping when I was younger. To be honest it still isn’t my fav but I love how many different types and styles there are these days. One big thing a lot of companies have released is a curvy style of jean. Picture me jumping up and down excited because these are just what Ive been needing. Im super excited to share my take on three major brands of curvy jeans!


First we have American Eagle’s new curvy jeans. Im wearing my normal size (8). I was skeptical of these at first because of the high rise waist. I do like them to an extent. Im only 5’4″ and i have a short torso so this high of a rise just doesn’t flatter me very well. Now if you’re a taller person or have a longer torso Id say these were made for you. As far as the fabric, they are pretty comfy. They have some good stretch and the denim is soft. Overall for me id give these a 5/10.



The second pair I am sporting is Abercromibe’s new curve love jean.  Hear me out on this one. I know you’re thinking, “why is this women wearing clothes for teens?” Yall, they have really revamped! We share things from them often and all three love them! Anyways, back to the jeans. I do not normally go for the holey jeans but Ill show you guys anything.  If you’re like me and have some thick thighs, then these are for you. These babies have some amazing stretch to them. I never dreamt when I got them out of the package they were going to fit over these thighs but here we are. Im wearing an 8 but I would definitely need to size up to a 10. I also really like the rise in these. Overall these get an 8/10.  


Last but not least we have Loft curvy jeans. If you know me at all you know Loft is my jam. Ive worn these jeans for years and I really do love them. Recently I have found them to not be as forgiving for my body type. I do lift weights and its no secret I’m thicker on the bottom. The Loft jeans are not very stretchy and do not tend to give well when I move. I think they are wonderful for the curvy body type but sometimes we just have a little too much curve and need more stretch (haha). Overall they are wonderful jeans and will always get a 10/10 in my book.

Hopefully all this info helps you on your search for some new denim. Jeans shopping doesn’t have to be so bad especially when you have more info. Hopefully this guide helps you on your search for your perfect pair!




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