J.Crew Factory Workwear: Decoding the Dress Code for the Perfect Work Wardrobe

J.Crew Factory Workwear:  Decoding the Dress Code for the Perfect Work Wardrobe

Dressing for success is easier said than done. These days, more people are working from home. Plus, with more offices now leaning toward business casual as the rule, dress codes are harder to decipher (Fewer rules equals more confusion). While some of you wear jeans to work regularly, many of you are still required to dress in professional attire. Most working women probably need variety in their fall work wardrobe to accommodate the ever changing workweek. From working remotely on Monday, to a big presentation on Wednesday, and a casual day in the office on Friday- J.Crew Factory has you covered with a full fall work wardrobe that you can mix and match. Best of all, each item is affordably priced!

We were very excited when J.Crew Factory approached us about creating looks for their Wear to Work Event. J.Crew Factory is a brand we LOVE. Kristin and I both work in our family’s respective businesses in addition to blogging. Emily, in addition to blogging, stays home with her three children and always has a side gig or two going as well. These three working mommas could use a fall work wardrobe refresh!

Dress to Impress: The Business Professional Work Wardrobe

Though it’s becoming less common, the business professional work wardrobe is still standard in several industries. While some environments still require a suit in black, navy, or gray, nude or black 3″ pumps, and a precisely pressed button up shirt (if that’s what you’re shopping for, check it all out here!), others are allowing for more personal expression with dress. Congress is a wonderful example of this shift. The Hill was always a sea of black and gray suits, but recently we’ve seen female congresswomen breaking tradition and showing up to get the job done in bolder colors and accessories. We couldn’t be happier about this! Done correctly, your work wardrobe can say a lot about who you are and what you bring to the table. Express your creativity, your ability to think independently, and your willingness to take a few risks when necessary.

Tip: The business professional wardrobe is the most conservative style of business dress. If your dress code allows you to deviate from the typical color palette, GREAT! If not, try pushing the envelope just a bit with a statement necklace, a neutral pattern, or a near neutral like light pink or maroon.

Why do we love leopard print so much? We love neutrals for so many reasons. They are timeless, play nicely with others, and are generally a safe choice for the business professional environment. Leopard print is a neutral that also works as a statement piece.

Shop our leopard print work wardrobe favorites here:
It’s all in the details. This statement necklace is the perfect way to spice up a business professional outfit.

Shop this winning combo here:

Let out your inner boss lady with four easy items: a drapey tie neck top (Also available in solids, linked here), a perfectly fitted pencil skirt, and a pretty pink blazer.

Shop the Look:

Smart Casual: The Best Of Both Worlds Work Wardrobe

First of all, I love the phrase “smart casual.” These two words describe what I personally want to convey when I step into a professional setting. Ambitious and efficient, but also free-thinking, relaxed, comfortable, and collaborative. This style is the epitome of the modern work place. If “smart casual” describes your office’s dress code, J.Crew Factory has everything you need to build a work wardrobe!

A few tips for building a smart casual work wardrobe:

  1. Start with a few statement pieces in a favorite color or pattern and pick neutral pieces and subtle textures to support the statement pieces.
  2. Choose pieces that mix and match. You can create many outfits out of 10 key pieces.
  3. Step outside of the box with colors and patterns, but stay inside the box when it comes to traditional skirt lengths and necklines.
  4. FIT FIT FIT. No matter what your work dress code is, make sure your clothes fit your body well. A too-big suit or too-tight pants can absolutely ruin an otherwise perfect outfit.
  5. If you are allowed to wear jeans to work, stick with a uniform dark wash. Avoid trend jeans with rips and fraying.
Select pieces that work well together so that you can create many outfits with fewer pieces. (More money for your weekend wardrobe, amiright?)

Shop this look here:
Get Those Creative Juices Flowing: If your dress code allows, don’t be afraid to play with color and print. This outfit is perfect for the modern office setting. While tasteful, this outfit makes a powerful statement and showcases your creativity.

Shop This Look:

Well-fitting jeans have their place in the office environment! Select a pair with a uniform dark or black wash. Avoid low rise jeans and rips or fraying. This pair checks all of the boxes. Note that this leopard sweater pairs well with the skirt pictured above.

Shop all of these pieces here:
I am loving this pull over turtleneck sweater. It fits perfectly into this J.Crew Factory work wardrobe because it has a VERY subtle magenta yarn in the heathering.

Shop the whole look here:

Working From Home: The Comfiest Work Wardrobe

Working from home doesn’t always mean working in your pajamas. You may need to pop by the office, or hop on a video conference call with a client at a moment’s notice. Plus, I always feel more in work mode when I’m dressing the part. Also, working from home often means that you do some travel. You’ll probably need to pad your WFH wardrobe with some of the items featured above.

Women who work from home want to be comfortable, but still stylish and professional. J.Crew Factory makes the coziest joggers and most stylish sweatshirts for a comfortable work from home wardrobe. Add a few “Smart Casual” pieces for those travel days and days in the office, and you are set.

One of my favorite work from home tips is to set up an inspiring workspace. Don’t work from your couch or your kitchen table. You’ll want an outfit as stunning as your gorgeous home office.

Shop the look:
When you’re not video conferencing or popping into the office, stylish sweats will do just fine. Just remember to stay well caffeinated, Boss Lady. These items are also perfect for stay at home moms (which we all know is the hardest job of all!)

Shop these favorites:
Stepping out of the office to meet with clients, or maybe just headed out for a weeknight happy hour or networking event? Pop on this blouse and some work appropriate jeans.

Your work wardrobe needn’t be super expensive or complicated. Decoding your office’s dress code is super easy with proper planning, a modest budget, and coordinating pieces from J.Crew Factory. With these looks, you’ll feel smart, creative, and energized (Plus– you’ll look great at happy hour!).

Photography by:
Rachel Neal Photos (Muscle Shoals)
LeeAnn Hunley Photography (Cincinnati)
Victoria Miller Photography (Pittsburgh)

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