Wrinkle Free with Dr. D: A first-timers guide to Botox!

Wrinkle Free with Dr. D: A first-timers guide to Botox!

I wear my heart on my face. When I’m mad, two little lines between my eyebrows act as a warning to everyone around. Those deep grooves across my forehead express my joy and shock. And while I LOVE that my face is so expressive, I wasn’t necessarily loving the fact that 31 years of big emotions were mapped out across my skin.

I had been considering Botox for a while, but, like many women who are considering it, I had a lot of questions and concerns. Dr. delaRosa eased all of those concerns and, with her help, I am able to share a guide to Botox from a first-timer.

Who is Dr. delaRosa? 

Doctor Hillary delaRosa practices all internal medicines. She worked in dermatology before attending medical school. When picturing her practice she always pictured caring for the whole patient, including the aesthetic side of patient care. With her practice, Complete Medical Care of the Shoals, she does just that!

Why did I choose her?

From the second I started following Dr. D, I was drawn to her. Her vibrant personality and love for what she does is contagious.  She is full of energy and excitement and you can tell she absolutely loves what she does and truly cares for her patients. I also wanted a medical professional to administer the Botox!

Why did I want Botox?

To get rid of wrinkles of course! I had been toying with the idea for a while and when I started following Hillary, I just knew I had to reach out to her. She made the process so easy and as painless as possible. I’m not going to lie, it does hurt, but she made me so comfortable.

Here we go!!


                      Before Pics                                          Two week pics               

I feel like the results really speak for themselves! The thing that bothered me most was the wrinkle right between my eyes. Apparently I scowl at people often since that wrinkle was so intense, haha. I have been extremely happy with my results. If you have an reservations about Botox, I highly recommend going to see Hillary. She will answer all your questions and truly make it a good experience for you.

To visit her:

Complete Medical Care of the Shoals

2129 Helton Drive

Florence, AL 35630

She is running specials through the end of the year. Make sure to head over to our IG and check out the Botox highlight for even more of my day of Botox with Dr. D.



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