Amazon Style Finds: The Gal Pal’s Guide

Amazon Style Finds: The Gal Pal’s Guide

The Best of Amazon Style

Over the years, I’ve used Amazon to order everything from common daily items like vitamins and detergent, to my personal favorite- last minute Christmas gifts (give me that two-day shipping, Santa Baby). What you may not realize is that Amazon can come in clutch for key pieces of a spring wardrobe just as much as spring cleaning essentials.

In the past three weeks, Amazon style finds have reigned in our Weekly Top Fives. Three weeks ago, a backpack purse stole the hearts of many followers, and the reviews have been amazing! Two weeks ago, it was the under $30 Lulu dupe leggings. We love the camo! Just last week, an Amazon jacket, pullover, and purse made the top five!

Arguably, they have some of the best style finds, and ordering and shipping couldn’t be easier. The same cannot be said, however, for finding them. Luckily for you, we are sharing the best Amazon style finds, and how to search for them.

Amazon Prime

One can only assume that since it’s 2020, MOST of us have Amazon Prime. Prime is a magical service that allows you to shop millions of products with free two-day shipping and returns. Other perks include access to music, videos, subscribe and save, etc. For our purposes, though, we are totally here for the free ship and free returns. The subscription price is pretty unbeatable considering the perks. “Marvelous Life of Mrs. Maisel” on Amazon Video is more than worth it. CHANGE MY MIND.

PRO TIP: Filter your search by “Prime items” to ensure you receive them quickly, and get the benefit of free returns.

Reviews and Sizing

Since you don’t have the luxury of being able to shop the items in person, reviews are key! I highly recommend checking the amount of positive reviews, as well as the sizing info. In the picture below you can see personal reviews, as well as a scale on the sizing and fit. If you click the stars, you will see all of the reviews- some featuring pictures and videos.

Amazon Style Finds

How to Search for Amazon Style Items

Even the most simple of Amazon searches can lead you down a long, dark rabbit hole. Not only are we sharing the best style finds, we will share HOW to find them!

I assume that when you search for household items such as detergent or toilet paper, you type “Tide” or “Charmin”. The same kind of specificity applies to style finds on Amazon. Even though you may not know exactly what you are looking for, be as specific in your search as you can. Using keywords like “Women’s striped turtleneck sweater” is going to yield you better, more direct results.

PRO TIP: Oddly, including the word “fashion” in any clothing or accessory search greatly increases the results. When I am looking for the goods to share with ya’ll, I don’t typically have a specific item in mind. I search “Women’s winter fashion” (or applicable season) to see a wide variety.

Amazon Style Finds

Amazon Style Brands

Just like the A New Day and Universal Threads of Target, Amazon has it’s own brands- Daily Ritual and Amazon Essentials.

Daily Ritual is a collection of the best basics in a variety of styles, fits, colors and fabrics. If you are a fan of Lou and Grey, then trust me when I say you will LOVE this brand. Each piece is made with luxuriously soft fabrics and is priced to make stocking-up a breeze—you’ll want one in every color. Grab this $21 jumpsuit– perfect for the transition to spring when paired with this denim jacket!

Amazon Essentials is focused on creating affordable, high-quality, and long-lasting everyday clothing. The line of women’s apparel includes cashmere sweaters, fleece and down jackets (the one pictured is just under $50), and more, including plus-size options. My favorite are the two-pack of basic tees for under $16.

Prime Wardrobe

Honestly, one of my favorite perks of an Amazon Prime membership is Prime Wardrobe. It’s basically a clothing subscription box without the cost and subscription. Stay with me here. You get to choose up to eight items to try on at your home. They could be eight different items, two sizes of four items, an entire outfit, eight pairs of shoes, etc. You then get seven days to try on all items before sending them back using a prepaid shipping label. Since Prime Wardrobe is a perk of your Prime Membership, you only pay for what you keep.

One year I used it to try four different winter coat and boot options. Another great use is bathing suit season! Try them all on in your own home!

PRO TIP: This service is offered for mainly popular and recognizable brands: Steve Madden sandals, North Face outwear, Sorel boots, just to name a few

Amazon Style Finds

Disclaimer on Amazon Style Finds

We spend so much time searching Amazon for the best style finds. A lot of Amazon style is trial and error. Hence why I only shop Prime items for the free ship and returns. If you want to get no nonsense, always on point items, then I would absolutely stick with the Amazon-exclusive brands like Daily Ritual and Amazon Essentials. If you are open to a little experimenting, try out some pieces with great reviews!

Remember that you get what you pay for. You can get some off brand trendy pieces for a steal of a deal, but it doesn’t mean that they will stand the test of time. They are perfect pieces to incorporate into an established wardrobe,

BD Amazon Best Style Finds

We spend a lot of time searching Amazon for the best style finds. It should come as no surprise that Amazon is one of our top affiliate sellers. Below are just some of the best-selling items!

Amazon Style Finds

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